Piper longum

Piper longum

Botanical Name: Piper longum

Common Name: Pipala, Pipali, Murjhad

English Name: Long piper

Parts Used: Fruits (Dry)

Habit and Habitat:

Description: A small shrub with a large woody root and numerous creeping, jointed stems, thickened at the nodes. The leaves are alternate, spreading, without stipules and blade varying greatly in size. The lowest leaves are 5-7 cm long, whereas, the uppermost 2-3 cm long. The flowers are in solitary spikes. The fruits, berries, in fleshy spikes 2.5-3.5 cm long and 5 mm thick, oblong, blunt and blackish green in color. The mature spikes collected and dried, form the commercial form of pippali and the root radix is known as pippalimula.
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Uses: Appetizer (Dipani), cures dyspnoea (Svasa), cough (Kasa), fever (Jvara), skin disorders (Kustha), abdominal tumor (Gulma), piles (Arsa), spleenomegaly (Pliha), pain (Sula), rheumatism (Amavata)

References: A compendium of Medicinal Plants in Nepal by Sushim Ranjan Baral and Puran Prasad Kurmi (October’ 2006)

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