Wild Rice

Wild Rice

Botanical Name: Oryza rufipogon

Common Name: Tinna/Tinni rice

English Name: Wild Rice, Red Rice

Parts Used: 

Habit and Habitat: Sites with shallow, standing or slow-running water, rice fields.

Distribution: In Nepal, various species of wild rice are found in the plains, the Pokhara valley, Kamalpokhari in Palpa, Bulbule lake area in Surkhet, Kapilvastu, Nepalganj, the Lothar forest of Chitwan, the Kankai Irrigation Headwork area of Jhapa, the Sundarpur Agricultural Farm area of Kanchanpur and Nijgadh in Bara.

Description: Oryza rufipogon, known as brownbeard rice, wild rice and red rice, is a member of the genus Oryza. Himalayan red rice is also distinct from other type of rice in its flavor and nutritional value. In terms of nutrition, red rice contains higher fiber content than white rice. It is generally agreed that red rice has more flavor than brown or white rice. The flavor of red rice has been described as nutty and earthy. In addition to being flavorful, the rice is quite aromatic.

Medicinal Properties: It is an important germplasm that has specific desirable attributes and a high genetic diversity. O. rufipogon, irrespective of its poor appearance, contained high proximate nutritional composition and antioxidant properties.

Uses: Used as staple Food.


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