Lycopodium clavatum

Lycopodium clavatum

Botanical Name: Lycopodium clavatum (powder)

Common Name: Naagbeli

English Name: Lycopodium, Common Clubmoss

Parts Used: Whole Plant

Habit and Habitat: India, Bhutan

Description: Evergreen, creeping, prostrate, horizontally branching, perennial clubmoss. Leaves many ranked, crowded, linear, owl-shaped. Spikes elongated, sporophylls deltoid, ovate, acuminate and bristle tipped.

Uses: Plant is diuretic, antispasmodic; its decoction is used against cough, rheumatism and diseases of lungs and kidneys; also used in indigestion as a grastric sedative, dyspepsia; crystitis, rheumatism, muscular cramps, syphilis and in eye troubles.

References: A compendium of Medicinal Plants in Nepal by Sushim Ranjan Baral and Puran Prasad Kurmi (October’ 2006)

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