Diplokema butyracea

Diplokema butyracea

Botanical Name: Diploknema butvracea Roxb syn. Bassia butyracea

Common Name: Chiuri Butter, Phulware, Cheuri, Chura

English Name: Butter tree

Parts Used: Fruit

Habit and Habitat: Sub-Himalayan tract, outer Himalayas from Kumaon eastward to Sikkim, North Bengal and Bhutan.

Description: The Chiuri tree is a medium sized tree native to Nepal. It grows mainly in the sub-Himalayan tracts on steep slopes, ravines and cliffs at an altitude of 400 to 1400 meters, particularly in the Chitawan district. Its botanical name is Diploknema butvracea Roxb syn. Bassia butyracea, syn. Madhuca butyracea, syn. Aesandra butyracea). It is also named “butter tree”. The main product of the tree is “ghee” or butter, extracted from the seeds and named “Chiuri ghee”.

Uses: The potential use of Chiuri products is found in different fields such as confectionery, pharmaceutical, vegetable ghee production, candle manufacturing and soap making. It has been found to be effective for rheumatism. It is also used as an additive in animal ghee. The cake produced after processing of Chiuri is used as manure which has pesticide properties and is used on paddy fields (Rs 25/pathi) and banana plantations. It is also used as a wormicide, nematicide, molluscicide, rodenticide and insecticide. The cake obtained during oil extraction from Chiuri can be used as crude fish poison substituting the dangerous chemical pesticides.

References: http://www.scribd.com/doc/9643209/Traditional-Knowledge-on-Chiuri-and-Its-Potentiality-for-Commercialization

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