Acorus calamus

Acorus calamus

Botanical Name: Acorus calamus

Common Name: Ghodbach, Bojho, Chadila, Syuda

English Name: Sweet flag, Calamus root

Parts Used: Rhizome

Description: This native perennial plant is 1-4′ tall, consisting of tufts of basal leaves that emerge directly from a spreading rootstock. These basal leaves are erect and sword-shaped, resembling the basal leaves of Iris spp. (Irises), but more green. They are flattened (on one side more than the other), smooth along the margins, and have parallel veins. There is often an off-center ridge/indentation along the length of each leaf. Sometimes the base of the leaves or their margins are slightly red. Some leaves develop a cylindrical spadix that is about 2–4″ in length and semi-erect.

Uses: Memory promoter, hypotensive, brain tonic

Packaging: The packaging of HERBS & SPICES is done gunny bags with uniform weights.


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