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Botanical Name: Rheum australe

Common Name: Padamchaal, Aakaashe chuk, Chulthi amilo, Gandhini, Amalved

English Name: Rhubarb

Parts Used: Leaf stalk and Root

Habit and Habitat: Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh to Nepal), China

Description: Rosbust herb, 1-2 m high, root and rhizome solid, cylindrical, outer surface irregularly wrinkled. Leaves large, radical, 60 cm in diameter, petiole very long, 1 m in length and over 1 cm in width, brown externally, white externally. Flowers small, 3 mm in diameter.

Uses: Root is a tonic, mild laxative; useful in dyspepsia, diarrhoea, anorexia, constipation, urticaria and septic wounds. Powdered root is externally applied to indolent ulcers and in forehead for relief from headache. Rheum is very popular in homeopathic medicine.

References: “A compendium of Medicinal Plants in Nepal” by Sushim Ranjan Baral and Puran Prasad Kurmi (October’ 2006)


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