About Us

Satya International is one of the leading and fastest growing supplier of Medicinal plants products from Nepal, with a diverse variety of herbs, spices, herbal extracts as well as essential oils to offer, it serves as strategic raw materials supplier from the region to some of the leading brands in the Nutraceuticals, Pharma, Flavour and Fragrance sector.

Established in 1995, the company has a portfolio of around 100 herbs, spices and extracts both wild collected and cultivated. Our current key customer base comprises more than 25 countries including North America, Europe, CIS countries and the SAARC. We at Satya understand the manufacturing company’s problem of procurement of quality raw material including product documentation. We cultivate and procure different type of herbs and supply it well documented and certified to the manufacturers, working closely with the farmers and community forest groups employing hundreds of people directly, helps us get the best products and also reach out the benefits to not only the families of the farmers but also in lifting the community economical situations.

Creating awareness for sustainable collection of medicinal plants among the rural people is also part of our company vision with the key idea of conserving the nature. The company has also a number of organic certified products, which also strengthen the demand for the products being made from the sustainably collected raw materials. It is one of the most trusted and valued raw material suppliers from the region.